Karate Class in Different Perspectives

For our instructor’s trainee class, a home work assignment was given to observe a real class from three perspectives: a student, a parent, and an instructor. Below is from one of our youngest instructors:

A karate class from different points of view
by Liberty Boston

Student’s Perspective:
My first class was a little rough, but I’ve been here a few weeks now and I think I’ve gotten the hang of things. The instructors have been really nice; I just wish instead of tying my belt for me they’d show me how some time. I like the drills we do in class; they are fun but teach us the skills we need. I’m working super hard in karate, and I can’t wait until I learn my first form! I am still trying to learn all of the instructors’ names, but I feel like they’re really trying to get to know me which makes me smile during class. Sometimes class is hard and I’m not having as much fun as I usually do, but mom says that’s because I need to focus and karate will help me with that. Once I learned all three of the student creeds and the black belt creed an instructor told us to think about the meaning of all of them. I didn’t know some of the big words so I asked my mom. She told me what all of those words mean, and said that I should try to live by all of the creeds. So far karate has taught me some really cool punches and kicks, but also how to be a good person at home, school, sports, and in public. Overall I think karate is really awesome, and I will try my best to earn my black belt.

Parent’s Perspective:
Today I enrolled my child at 5280 Karate Academy. Watching her first class I was a bit disappointed with the lack of discipline the instructor portrayed. I want my daughter to have fun in karate class, but not on the account that she has to listen to a certain instructors life story- especially one that involved wrong-doings and mistakes that person has made. I will keep this instructor identity secret, but would just like to let their employer know that the way they behaved is not what I want my daughter to be influenced by, however the other instructors and helpers really seemed to want to get to know my child. I appreciated the emphasis on good behavior, and leadership and how kind most people were there, but I believe that the classes should be organized and on task and not just talk about good character and respects but show it as well. From what I saw I know that the other instructors at this studio don’t have the same demeanor. After class my daughter raved about how much she learned and how much she enjoyed the class. I think 5280 will be a tremendous experience for her, and I will not let one instructor change that.

Instructor’s Perspective (My Perspective):
I love teaching karate. I don’t really think there’s such a thing as a bad class or a bad student. Just a bad attitude towards them, sure, some classes are rougher than others, but I think this can be changed with structure and encouragement. For me the warm-up is one of the most important parts of class. This helps me determine how the students are feeling and what I can do to make them have the best karate class ever. The warm-up also helps prepare the students for class, and well, get loose and warm-up. After the 5 to 10 minute warm-up and stretches we’ll see how well each student knows their current curriculum, and split them into groups accordingly. Usually I have no preference as to which group I get. This is because with each group I am given comes a new learning opportunity for me, and the students. There are so many variations of how I behave with students because of their age, level, maturity, etc., but my main goal for every class is to make each and every martial artist learn something new, improve upon something, and enjoy their time at 5280. Breaks and drills are spread out among classes also depending on the type of group I have. Not being an official instructor yet, I usually am not in charge of lining the class up in the end, but always do my best to make sure that it is done in time. After the announcements, black belt creed, and WE ARE or high fives class is over. Now I look back on the ways I succeeded as an instructor in that class and what I should work on. I analyze the performance of my wonderful colleagues and leave 5280 happier than when I came in.

Grade: A+ Nice Job Liberty

One Comment Add yours

  1. Liberty Boston says:

    Thank you for putting this on the website! I really enjoyed writing this. I’d also like to address that what I mentioned about a certain instructor from the parents perspective. That particular instructor is no longer part of the 5280 staff. As a karate school we have improved in many areas I mentioned just since I wrote this no too long ago. I wanted to clarify that this issue has been resolved and this shows how 5280 Karate is constantly improving. Thanks for reading!


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