Ms. Boston

Liberty Boston is currently a 2nd degree black belt at 5280 Karate Academy. She has been at 5280 for seven years (as of 2016) and has treasured every moment. Over the past year Liberty has earned her 1st degree black belt in the Japanese style of Okinawan martial arts. Outside of the studio she likes playing basketball, running occasionally, and enjoying time with her wonderful family. Miss Boston is 12 years old but is often mistaken for older. Liberty takes school very seriously and has maintained an A average throughout the years. When she is not busy with sports or school (which is quite rare), Liberty is spending time with friends and her two adorable cats. Because Liberty started martial arts when she was so young, 5280 has made an enormous impact on her life and helped her to become very successful in numerous ways. She has made many friends on her journey and can’t thank all of her instructors, friends, and teammates enough. Liberty Boston is truly blessed.