2nd: pre exam week

8th: CMAA tournament at Northglenn High School

Click here for info and pictures from our previous tournaments: 

8:00 am: judges and prep cycle arrive

9:00 am: black belts

10:30 am: level 3

11:30 am: level 1

12:30 pm: school demonstrations

12:30 pm: orientation

1:30 pm: level 2

10th: exam; orientation & level 1 at 4 pm; levels 2 & 3 at 6 pm

14th: prep cycle final forms test; 6pm at Westy

15th: graduation, all levels at 11 am

16th: week 1 of module 7

21st-22nd: black belt test at Lakewood

22nd: Chipotle fundraiser

23rd: week 2

24th-26th: fitness week; bring water bottle and jump rope

30th: week 3


Mother’s Day special: moms train for free during the month!

T-shirt contest ends on May 1st!

7th: week 4

8th-10th: progress check

12th: black belt extravaganza

14th: Mother’s Day; week 1 of module 8

21st: week 2

28th: week 3

29th: closed